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The Hampshire Genealogical Society has published an index to the parish registers on a set of CD-Roms, available to purchase from the HGS or to view at the Hampshire Record Office:
Hampshire Baptism Index 1752-1812
Hampshire Baptism Index 1813-1841
Hampshire Marriage Index 1660-1753
Hampshire Marriage Index 1754-1837
Hampshire Burial Index 1400-1837

The entries on the HGS CD-Roms do not include the Isle of Wight.  As far as I can tell, these are the only Parish Registers Indices available for Hampshire.  As this resource is a database, it is necessary to use a search function and I am not certain how efficient this is at finding variants or mis-transcriptions.  It is therefore likely that several entries have been missed; there were certainly far fewer than I had been expecting.
marriages, baptisms and burials

The earliest Catchlove that I have so far found in Hampshire is a baptism in 1655, then a burial of an unnamed widow in 1662, a marriage in 1667 and a burial of a Thomas CATCHLOVE in 1691, all in Havant.  The next entries date to 1760 with a single family in Havant.  Unlike Sussex, I have not been able to identify a clear geographical centre of settlement in Hampshire as the few pre-census families are scattered, with a marriage at Warblington in 1789 and one at Portsmouth in 1797.   There is a marriage in Portsea in 1788 followed a generation later by another couple marrying and having children - perhaps the groom is the son of the first couple, but there does not appear to be a baptism record to verify this.

The geographical spread suggests that the Catchloves originated in a small area of Sussex and spread outward, with individuals moving into Hampshire and settling there, most probably in the pursuit of employment.  This also appears to be supported by the timeline, as the earliest known Sussex record is the baptism of an Edward CATCHLOVE in Stoughton in 1571.
The Hampshire Record Office holds parish registers on microfiche for individual parishes, but most have no index of names, so one has to search through every entry in the hopes of spotting a Catchlove.  Printed transcripts are available for a few parishes (but by no means all) - which at least gives some relief from eye strain and headaches caused by reading microfiche - but many of these have no  index, so again, each individual entry has to be read, which is enormously time-consuming.  The Havant parish registers have been transcribed and indexed and by checking these I found 3 additional baptisms, 2 additional marriages and 1 additional burial which I had not found using the HGS CD-Roms.  It is noticeable that there are far more entries for Havant than for the other parishes, whether this is due to the efficiency of the transcription or whether it reflects a greater number of Catchloves in that parish, I cannot say.
1798 - baptism of Edward, son of John & Elizabeth CATCHLOVE
1801 - burial of Elizabeth CATCHLOVE, aged 34
1655 - baptism of Thomas, son of Thomas CATCHLOVE  source: Havant Baptism Registers 1657-1812 transcribed by Miss F.E.M. Toop June 1966
1662 - burial of female CATCHLOVE Havant Burial Registers 1653-1812 transcribed by Miss F.E.M. Toop June 1966 records this as CATCHLOVE, Widdow. [sic]
1663 - burial of CECHLOVE, Elinor, wife of John  source: Havant Burial Registers 1653-1812 transcribed by Miss F.E.M. Toop June 1966
1667 - marriage of LAMBE, Samuel & CATCHLOVE, Anne  source: Havant Marriage Registers 1653-1812 transcribed by Miss F.E.M. Toop June 1966
1691 - burial of Thomas CATCHLOVE
1761 - baptism of Will., son of William CATCHLOVE  source: Havant Baptism Registers 1657-1812 transcribed by Miss F.E.M. Toop June 1966
1764 - baptism of Eliz. dau. of Will. KETCHLOVE
1766 - baptism of Sarah, dau. of Willm. CATCHLOVE
1769 - baptism of Susannah CATCHLOVE, d. of William CATCHLOVE
1772 - baptism of Susannah, dau. of Wm. & Eliz. CATCHLOVE  source: Havant Baptism Registers 1657-1812 transcribed by Miss F.E.M. Toop June 1966
1778 - burial of Sarah CATCHLOVE
1824 - burial of William CATCHLOVE, aged 63
1825 - burial of Elizabeth CATCHLOVE, aged 61
Wymering Baptisms
1806 - baptism of Edward, son of Edward & Sarah CATCHLOVE
1808 - baptism of George  son of Edward & Sarah CATCHLOVE
1815 - marriage of John STUDDY & Mary Anne CATCHLOVE
1788 - marriage of William CATCHLOVE & Elizabeth SMITH
1797 - baptism of Sarah, dau. of John & Elizabeth CATCHLOVE
1800 - baptism of William, son of John & Elizabeth CATCHLOVE
1805 - baptism of Francis, son of Francis & Ann CATCHLOVE
1812 - baptism of Jane, dau. of Edward & Sarah CATCHLOVE
1816 - baptism of Henry, son of Francis & Nancy CATCHLOVE
1821 - marriage of Charles PORTER & Elizabeth CATCHLOVE
Listed below are all entries in Hampshire parish registers that I have not yet been able to fit into any of the identified families.
I have attempted to synthesise the data from the parish registers index with that from the census returns to try to work out the different relationships and family groups, though some of this remains speculative.  To see how these families relate to each other, please go to My Catchlove Family Trees.
Portsmouth - parish of St. Thomas
1797 - marriage of John CATCHLOVE & Elizabeth CLAY
Warblington Marriages
1789 - marriage of John CATCHLOVE & Elizabeth CHARMEN
1794 - marriage of James HEDGECOCK & Sarah CATCHLOVE
Southampton - parish of St Lawrence & St John
1814 - marriage of John ADAMS & Susan CATCHLOVE
Marriage Licences, Bishop of Winchester, 1689-1837 lists the groom as Thomas ADAMS, tinman and widower.
Southampton - parish of All Saints
1813 - marriage of Edward SQUIBB & Hannah CATCHLOVE
To which family do Hannah & Susan belong?
We have no other record of a Catchlove family in Southampton at this period.
1836 - burial of Elizabeth CATCHLOVE, aged 70