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This page relates to a single family descended from George CATCHLOVE  (the son of James the Grocer of Family 5) & his wife Margaret LEYLAND.  George emigrated to Australia on the Gulf of Venice in 1884 and Margaret followed with their children in 1885, sailing on the Orient.  This George is not the same person as George Henry CATCHLOVE who emigrated on the Hooghly in 1839 with his father Henry, whose tree is on the Adelaide Catchloves page.  As far as we can tell at this stage the two families were not related.

Very little of the research on this page is mine; I have colour-coded the tree to distinguish the work of different researchers.  If anyone wishes to contact any of the researchers, please email me at enquiries@catchlove-research.org and I will pass a message on to them.

Many thanks for allowing me to publish your research, Lucinda, Eddie, Mary & John.
On this page you will find a family tree with a gallery of photographs below.

If you would like photos of your own Catchlove ancestors to be published on this website
(not living family members for reasons of privacy) please email them to
enquiries@catchlove-research.org with a clear indication of where they fit in the trees.

Alternatively, if you have a photo of a Catchlove ancestor and you don’t know who it is, I’d be happy to publish it in the hope that someone else will recognise them.
James CATCHLOVE bap. 1811 at Stoughton

BMD Marriage Index: Worthing 1840.  James CATCHLOVE & Ann Maria RICHARDSON.

See Family 5
George CATCHLOVE b.1843, Littlehampton, England

BMD Marriage Index.  Liverpool 1869.  George CATCHLOVE & Margaret LEYLAND
1871 Census - 51 Egerton Street, Liverpool:  George CATCHLOVE, auctioneer's clerk, wife Margaret & children: Margaret A. and Florence M.
- they prospered enough to have two live-in servants.

1876 - adverts appeared on various dates in the Liverpool Mercury for sales of ladies and gentlemen’s shoes and boots under the name of G CATCHLOVE at Park Road, corner of High Park Street, Liverpool.

1880 resident at 209 & 343 Park Road, Toxteth, Liverpool.

1881 Census - 5 Alfred Place, Toxteth Park, Liverpool:  George CATCHLOVE, Clerk to Branch & Leete Auctioneers, wife Margaret kept a boot and shoe shop - and children:  Floss M., Blanche M., Leyland, Charles, Fred and Victor.  They still kept two servants.

May 1884 - George CATCHLOVE sailed to Australia on the Gulf of Venice, landing at Victoria
March 1885 - Margaret CATCHLOVE & children M. Fanny (14), Florence (13), Blanche (11), Leyland (9), Fred (6), Nelson (4), Herbert (2), Sydney (1) sailed to Australia on the Orient, landing at Victoria

April 1898 resident at Mann Terrace, Cambridge Hall, North Adelaide

January 1908 resident at Strangeways Terrace, North Adelaide

March 1916 resident at Gover Street 96, North Adelaide

3 November 1919 burial of George CATCHLOVE at North Road Cemetery, Adelaide
George moved from his family home in Littlehampton (in Sussex) to Liverpool some time between 1861 and 1871.  All the children were born in Liverpool as shown on the 1881 census - Prescot, West Derby and Toxteth Park are all registration districts within the Liverpool and Merseyside area of Lancashire.
text / links in grey are my own research
text / links in aqua are special points to consider
text / links in fuschia pink are speculative
text / links in brown were researched by Mary KELL
text / links in orange were researched by Eddie HANN
text / links in purple were researched by Lucinda CATCHLOVE
amendments in pale blue were researched by John GLOVER
Florence	Maud CATCHLOVE (Floss)
BMD Birth Index Liverpool 1871

1922 marr. to Henry C.W. PEARCE at Mosman, New South Wales

no further information
BMD Birth Index West Derby 1872

marr. to Albert WHITE

died Feb. 1896
buried at North Road Cemetery, Adelaide
Herbert Henry L. CATCHLOVE 
BMD Birth Index Toxteth Park 1882

clerk at Savings Bank of South Australia

died Nov. 1904 at Mann Terrace - Cambridge Hall, North Adelaide
18 Nov 1904 buried at North Road Cemetery, North Adelaide
Neroli Aline CATCHLOVE

marr. to Ralph JOBSON

died April 1947
Robert Leyland CATCHLOVE

marr. to Betty THOMPSON

no further information

no further information
Helen CATCHLOVE b.1896

no further information
b. 26 May 1903 Quambi, Adelaide

no further information
Herbert Catchlove GODBEHEAR
b. 05 Nov. 1905 Drouin,, Victoria

died 17 Jan 1997 Ballarant, Victoria
living descendants
Irene Mary Constance CATCHLOVE

no further information
child of Frederick CATCHLOVE & Constance WALTERS
3 sons - living descendants
children of Frederick CATCHLOVE & Lilian Ruth SALOM

no further information

no further information

no further information
Richard Frederick Hume CATCHLOVE

marr. to Susan Hilary HERBERT
George Salom CATCHLOVE

no further information
Maxwell Salom CATCHLOVE
b. 1913

marr. to Winsome KENYON

died 1978
Frederick Rex Salom  CATCHLOVE
b. 15 July 1910 Strangeways Terrace, “Sefton,” North Adelaide

1933 resident at 8 Prince Albert, Street, Mosman, NSW

1939 Mosman, NSW marr. to Marie TYE

died 31 May 1989 aged 78
Edwin G. Leyland CATCHLOVE

died 1914 Katoomba, New South Wales
Juno Leyland CATCHLOVE

1935 marr. to Leslie Douglas MITCHELL

no further information
Marjorie Leyland CATCHLOVE (Marg)

died 1978
Olwen Leyland  CATCHLOVE

1944 marr. to Kevin Howell GALL

no further information
Warren Victor CATCHLOVE

1941 marr. to Esme Elizabeth TASSICKER

no further information
Gwendolyn Leyland CATCHLOVE
(Gwen) b.1910

1939 marr. to Ellison BOOTH

no further information
Margaret Leyland CATCHLOVE

1947 marr. to Noel CLARK

no further information
living descendants
Mavis Estelle CATCHLOVE
b. 1911 Adelaide

no further information
This photograph of George and Margaret Catchlove and Family was taken eight years after the entire family had emigrated from Liverpool to Australia.
back row, l to r: Blanche May, her husband Albert White, Florence Maud, George James, Frederick Sebastian.
middle row l to r: Victor Nelson, George (Father), Margaret (Mother), Charles, Margaret Annie.
front row l to r: Herbert Henry, Sydney George.
Photograph & caption provided by Mary Kell.
The photograph below is reproduced with the kind permission of the Ulverstone History Museum in Tasmania.
Jim Rouse of the museum states that it is labelled  “Miss Catchlove, photo taken by Mr Phillips”.  Jim very kindly carried out some research to discover that Margaret visited Tasmania as a missionary with the Wesleyan Evangelistic Mission.   Further information can be found online at http://trove.nla.gov.au/
Margaret Annie CATCHLOVE (1869-1958), daughter of George CATCHLOVE & Margaret LEYLAND, who married the Rev. George Rowse GODBEHEAR in 1898.  Though she clearly looks older here, it is still possible to see that this is the same Miss Catchlove as the girl on the far right in the family portrait.
Margaret Annie Catchlove of the Weslyan Evangelistic Mission in Tasmania and her husband Rev George Rowse Godbehear, taken about 1898. Mary Kell says that she believes the couple met at the mission.
Photograph provided by Mary Kell.
The grave of George CATCHLOVE and his wife Margaret CATCHLOVE nee LEYLAND in Adelaide.
Photograph provided by Mary Kell.
The grave of Lilian Ruth SALOM, the first wife of Frederick Sebastian Leyland CATCHLOVE, son of George & Margaret.  Lilian is buried in the Jewish section of Adelaide's West Tce Cemetery, Row S1,11 - in direct line with Road 3 beyond its western end.
Photograph & caption provided by Jeff Catchlove.
left: Lilian Ruth SALOM, the first wife of Frederick Sebastian Leyland CATCHLOVE, son of George & Margaret.
Her sister Florence is on the left.
Photograph provided by Lucinda Catchlove.