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This is yet another family which is very small and whose origins remain speculative.  John the Gamekeeper first appears in the 1851 census living in lodgings and it appears that his son William never married, so it looks like this line died out.  Aldsworth is a hamlet that lies halfway between Westbourne and Lordington.
William CATCHLOVE bap. 1856 at Stoughton, son of John (labourer) & Mary CATCHLOVE.

1871 Census - Lordington House, Racton:  William CATCHLOVE , stable-boy, living with parents.

1881 Census - Walderton: William CATCHLOVE - unemployed coachman, living with widowed mother.

1891 Census - Wood End House, Funtington, Sussex:  William CATCHLOVE was working as a live-in groom.

1901 Census - Walberton House, Walberton, Sussex:  William CATCHLOVE was a live-in groom.

1911 Census - Old Park, Chichester (Bosham parish):  William CATCHLOVE was a live-in groom. in the household of 3rd Baron Gifford

BMD Death Index West Hampnett 1914.  William CATCHLOVE age 57.
John the Gamekeeper
The baptism registers of
St John the Baptist, Westbourne
record the baptism in 1827 of  John William, son of
Mary & William CATCHLOVE, a cordwainer from Aldsworth.  
A cordwainer was originally a maker of luxury shoes, named after Cordova, the best Spanish leather
that they used; it later came to mean any shoemaker.
For a list of old professions, see http://rmhh.co.uk/occup/

John William is John the Gamekeeper
on the 1871  census,
but where was his family in 1841?
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no record of baptism yet found

Westbourne 1826 marriage William CATCHLOVE of this parish & Mary PENNIKETT of Stoughton - witness Sarah CATCHLOVE

Westbourne 1830: burial of William CATCHLOVE,
aged 29 from Aldsworth

BMD Death Index, Westbourne 1838: Mary Anne CATCHLOVE.
Sarah CATCHLOVE aged 31 from Aldsworth
buried at Westbourne 1831.

Is Sarah the unmarried sister of William from Aldsworth buried in 1830?

John CATCHLOVE bap 1764 Westbourne

See Family 1 Thomas the Shoemaker

Westbourne, W. Sussex:  1817 burial of John CATCHLOVE, aged 53 from Aldsworth.
Aldsworth is a hamlet that comes within the parish of Westbourne.