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This family is very small and we do not yet know how (of whether) it links into the other Catchlove families, from the Hampshire-Sussex border, but there were Catchloves in both Hampshire and Sussex at this period (see Catchloves in Hampshire Parish Registers  and Catchloves in Sussex Parish Registers).
The Ancestry databases England & Wales Christening Records, 1530-1906 and the London, England, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812 show Catchlove families settled in Westminster from as early as 1686, with what could be three generations of a single family.  This came as a complete surprise to me.   John & Jane CATCHLOVE had a son John, baptised in 1686.  We later find a Richard CATCHLOVE marrying Elizabeth JACKSON in 1693 and in 1702 they baptised a son Richard - could the elder Richard be a younger brother of John & Jane?  A generation later we have Richard & Mary Catchlove baptising a daughter Mary in 1736 and a daughter Elizabeth in 1738.  It is tempting to think that this Richard is the same who was baptised in 1702.  This would give us a tentative tree:
Unfortunately, we don’t know where the Westminster Catchloves originated or what happened to them.
If anyone has any further information, please get in touch.
Eddie HANN found a record of a John CATCHLOVE who served as coachman to Queen Mary II during the 18th century, documented in the Calendar of Treasury Books Volume 16: 1700-1701.  Mary II died in 1694.  The dates would therefore suggest that this is likely to be the John CATCHLOVE who married Jane BISHOP in Westminster in 1685 (above).  Queen Mary II ruled jointly with her husband William of Orange (William III) during the period of the Jacobite rebellions (see The London Area in the 17th-19th Centuries).

Findmypast have now published the Royal Household Establishment Lists and Royal Household Index Sheets which show John CATCHLOVE in a list of coachmen for the years 1689-1695 on a salary of £75 per annum.  MeasuringWorth.com calculates this as the equivalent in purchasing power of £131,000 today, based on average earnings - so he may have been a servant, but a royal servant, royally rewarded.
Portrait medallion of Polly Catchlove RANDELL with initials and a lock of her hair inset on the back.
Photos courtesy of Charl from Australia.
The portrait medallion of Polly Catchlove Randell indicates that her family were wealthy, as ordinary people could not afford portraiture and miniatures were especially expensive.  For background information about portrait miniatures, see The Victoria & Albert Museum.

However, Sheila CATCHLOVE directed me to this newspaper announcement which she found on Findmypast:

Stamford Mercury  Friday 30 August 1822
Bankrupts:  Fletcher (Polly Catchlove) & Fletcher (Thomas) of Queenhithe, co. Kent, coal-merchants.

Polly would have been about 62 years old at his time.
Polly Catchlove RANDELL
born 19 Oct 1760
bap. St Mary, Queenhithe Nov 1760

marr. to Thomas FLETCHER
Barnes, Surrey 1790

Thomas Fletcher died 1800
Polly Cathclove Fletcher buried 24 Nov 1831 St Mary, Battersea (abode Hoxton)
marr. to Elizabeth  JACKSON
St George the Martyr, Southwark
Nov. 1693
bap. St James, Piccadilly
Oct. 1702

marr. to Mary

11 Dec 1731 Vicar-General Marriage Licence Allegations CATCHLOVE to DAILEY
bap. Westminster
Dec. 1738
bap. Westminster
January 1736

Westminster Catchloves
bap. St James, Piccadilly
Nov. 1686
bap. St Martin in the Fields,
June 1688
bap. St Martin in the Fields
Jan 1695
bap. St Martin in the Fields
July 1696
These baptisms were found on the Parish Records Collection 1538-2005 published by Findmypast.  St Martin-in-the-Fields is only a few streets away from St James, Piccadilly so it is likely that this constitutes a single family.
Findmypast  shows two burials of a Richard CATCHLOVE, both in 1744: Richd Catchlove 10 May 1744 at St Margaret, Westminster and 3 June 1744 Richard Catchlove of Hounslow at Cranford, Middlesex.  Could it be that father and son died within a month of each other?
b. 20 Dec 1694
bap. St Martin in the Fields 6 Jan 1695
died 1744?
b. 8 Dec 1697
bap St Martin in the Fields 12 Dec 1697
b. 18 Aug 1701
bap. St Martin in the Fields
7 Sep 1701
buried St James Piccadilly 2 Oct 1703
Charl from Australia tells us that in the will of
Richard Catchlove Snr. he leaves “Lycence 555” to his son Richard,
naming his brother John (coachman to Queen Mary) as trustee.
It is believed Polly Catchlove Randell used to dance with the Prince Regent.

Eddie HANN has recently re–examined the will and explained that “Lycence 555” is the licence to keep a hackney coach number 555.  It was left to his infant son Richard
“with the proviso that it was renewed in his son’s name by John (his brother and
executor) and that the cost be recouped from the ‘rents & profitts’ of the
licence and that during her lifetime his wife (Elizabeth) should have the
monies to pay for Richard jnr’s maintenance
as John directed.”
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