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child of John CATCHLOVE & first wife

Edward CATCHLOVE b. approx. 1801 in Houghton, Sussex

SEE Family 3 Edward the Blacksmith
The details of John CATCHLOVE (bap.1776) and his descendants - which gives us the link to Family 3 - shown here in brown were researched by Mary KELL, a direct descendant of George CATCHLOVE & Margaret LEYLAND who emigrated to Australia in 1884/85 (see below).
Thank you for sharing your research, Mary - this is a really important link.

Edward CATCHLOVE & Mary ??

bap. 1780 Stoughton
(shown as KETHLOVE in the parish register)

bap. 1780 Stoughton
(shown as KETHLOVE in the parish register)

bap. 1783 Stoughton
burial Stoughton 1802
Mary CATCHLOVE age 19
(shown as KETHLOVE in the parish register)
John CATCHLOVE (carpenter) bap. 1776 Stoughton

1st marriage to Mary?? possibly in Dorset

Houghton 1805 marriage of John CATCHLOVE, widower & Mary BATMAN

Stoughton 1825 burial of John CATCHLOVE age 49

Stoughton 1836 burial of Mary CATCHLOVE age 52
bap. Stoughton 1802

illegitimate dau of Mary

Katrina points out that the dates suggest Mary died giving birth to Elizabeth
George CATCHLOVE b.1842 Littlehampton

BMD Marriage Index.  Liverpool 1869.  George CATCHLOVE & Margaret LEYLAND
1871 Census - 51 Egerton Street, Liverpool:  George CATCHLOVE, auctioneer's clerk, wife Margaret and children: Margaret A. and Florence M. - they prospered enough to have two live-in servants.

1881 Census - 5 Alfred Place, Toxteth Park, Liverpool:  George CATCHLOVE, Clerk to Branch & Leete Auctioneers, wife Margaret kept a boot and shoe shop - and children:  Floss M., Blanche M., Leyland, Charles, Fred and Victor.  They still kept two servants.

29 March 1882 George CATCHLOVE charged with embezzlement of goods from his employer, Messrs Branch & Leete, at Liverpool Police Court.   5 April 1882 the Liverpool Mercury reported George CATCHLOVE sentenced to 3 months’ imprisonment.

Dec 1882 - Feb 1883 various adverts in the Liverpool Mercury for auctions of household goods & effects by “George CATCHLOVE (fifteen years principal clerk with Messrs Branch & Leete), Auctioneer, Appraiser and General Agent, No.3 Cases-street.”

15 Feb 1883 report in the Liverpool Mercury quoting the London Gazette gives notice of liquidation by arrangement for “George CATCHLOVE of 343 Park Road, Liverpool, boot and shoe dealer, lately carrying on business as an auctioneer at 3 Cases-street.”

7 Feb 1884 advert in the Liverpool Mercury for an apprentice in boot and shoe trade “apply personally, Mrs CATCHLOVE, 343 Park Road, Dingle.”

9 Feb & 21 Feb 1884 adverts in the Liverpool Mercury for George CATCHLOVE auctioneers.

This family emigrated to Australia in 1884/1885 - see The Australian Connection for details of the voyage and The Leyland Catchloves of Australia for details of descendants.
Sarah CATCHLOVE b.1860 Littlehampton

1884 marriage to Charles Thomas SMART (b. Oakham 1861)

1901 census - Kingston, Surrey: Charles Smart, house painter, wife Sarah, children Douglas & Albert

Not identified in any other records.
Emma CATCHLOVE b.1855 Littlehampton

1871 Census: Barclay Road, Fulham:  Emma CATCHLOVE visitor in household of Samuel & Ann KERBY.

Littlehampton 1885  marriage to George HUMPHREY (b. Littlehampton 1836)

died 1919 in Hobart, Tasmania
The additional information on the right, shown  in orange, was researched by Eddie HANN.

Mary KELL, who states that the couple seem to have been otherwise hardworking and public spirited, adds this: “In his youth George moved to Liverpool, where he married Margaret Leyland. He became chief clerk to the Auctioneers Branch and Leete, where in 1882 he was charged with embezzlement of £30, and received the harsh sentence of 6 months hard labour. This was probably the reason for the family’s emigration to Adelaide 2 or 3  years later. In Adelaide George re-established himself as an insurance agent. They lived in Mann Terrace and later Gover Street, where George died a "gentleman"aged 77.”
Mary Jane KINGSHOTT b.1846 Chelsea, Middlesex

Edwin KINGSHOTT b.1848 Blackfriars, Surrey

died 1852 St Pancras age 3-4 years
Sarah KINGSHOTT b.1850 Leeds, Yorkshire

m. Walter George LEE or Jacob Melton TAYLOR?
Walter KINGSHOTT b.1852 St Pancras

m. Christina DAVIDSON (1857-1882)
Alfred KINGSHOTT b.1856 St Pancras

m. Maria Mary A HAWKINS
Annie Ruth KINGSHOTT b.1858 St Pancras

m. Charles FARR, Frederick William GODDARD or Henry Noake YORKE?
children of John CATCHLOVE & Mary BATMAN
Ruth CATCHLOVE bap. 1811 at Stoughton

Ruth CATCHLOVE m. James DALLY, barman, St Marylebone, Westminster, 1851.

1861 Census - 5 Ernest Street, St. Pancras: James DALLY born Crediton, Devon age 50, bar ?, wife Ruth born Sussex age 52, niece Sarah CATCHLOVE born Northamptonshire age 13.

1871 Census -  5 Ernest Street, St. Pancras: James DALLY born beerseller, wife Ruth , nephew William CATCHLOVE, barman, niece Elizabeth CATCHLOVE, servant out of place.

BMD Death Index Pancras 1875. Ruth DALLY age 66.
Emma CATCHLOVE bap. 1812 at Stoughton

The details for Emma CATCHLOVE (b.1812) and her family appear  on a separate page Emma’s Descendants and were kindly provided by one of her descendants.
Thank you, Katrina.
James CATCHLOVE bap. 1811 at Stoughton

BMD Marriage Index: Worthing 1840.  James CATCHLOVE & Ann Maria RICHARDSON. (b.1813 Littlehampton)

1841 Census - Littlehampton, W. Sussex:  James CATCHLOVE, a 29-year-old labourer, wife Ann.

1851 Census - Littlehampton:  James CATCHLOVE, now working as a grocer, wife Ann and children: George and Ann.

1861 Census - Littlehampton:  James CATCHLOVE, now working as a porter, wife Ann and children: George, Ann, Emma and Sarah.

1871 Census - Pier Road, Littlehampton:  James CATCHLOVE, grocer, wife Ann and daughter Sarah.

Post Office Directory of Sussex 1878 - Confectioners & Pastry Cooks: CATCHLOVE, James, Pier Road, Littlehampton.

1881 Census - 5 Pier Road, Littlehampton:  James CATCHLOVE, tea-dealer, wife Ann and daughters: Emma and Sarah M.

BMD Death Index: E. Preston 1881.  James CATCHLOVE age 70.

WILLS & PROBATE: James CATCHLOVE, Tea dealer at Littlehampton d. 13 May 1881 - estate to widow Anna Maria CATCHLOVE
James the Grocer
Sarah CATCHLOVE bap. 1806 Houghton

Not identified in any other records.
Mary CATCHLOVE bap. 1808 Houghton

Not identified in any other records.
has been identified by a descendent from the birth certificate of Emma’s son John Edward b.1844.  On Henry’s birth certificate it is spelled PENNELL.  No record of the marriage has
yet been found.
text / links in grey are my own research
text / links in aqua are special points to consider
text / links in fuschia pink are speculative
text / links in green were researched by Sheila CATCHLOVE
text / links in blue were researched by Katrina HOWARTH-BROWN
text / links in brown were researched by Mary KELL
text / links in orange were researched by Eddie HANN
James the Grocer’s son George moved to Australia and photographs can be found on The Leyland Catchloves of Australia page.  We do not yet have photos of other branches of this family.
On this page you will find a family tree.

If you would like photos of your own Catchlove ancestors to be published on this website
(not living family members for reasons of privacy) please email them to
enquiries@catchlove-research.org with a clear indication of where they fit in the trees.

Alternatively, if you have a photo of a Catchlove ancestor and you don’t know who it is, I’d be happy to publish it in the hope that someone else will recognise them.
James the Grocer & John the Gardener

This was another fortuitous  circumstance where a double-checking of the parish registers showed a common ancestor for what I had previously seen as two families; the baptisms of James the Grocer and John the Gardener revealed them to be brothers.  Thanks to Mary KELL, Sheila CATCHLOVE, Katrina HOWARTH-BROWN  and Eddie HANN for additional research.
Sarah Jane CATCHLOVE b.14 Aug 1847 Towcester

1861 Census - St. Pancras: Sarah CATCHLOVE staying with her aunt and uncle, James & Ruth DALLY.

BMD Marriage Index:  Marylebone 1867 Sarah Jane CATCHLOVE.
& George YOUNG
(researched by Mary KELL)
Sheila CATCHLOVE tells us that Eliza is named on her father’s death certificate as Eliza Stanton of Thame Street, Leicester.
Mary Elizabeth (Marcy) CATCHLOVE b.14 Sept 1861

Not identified in any other records.
Ruth CATCHLOVE b.3 Nov 1865 Brixworth

1881 Census - 19 Roberts Street, Regents Park, Pancras, London: Ruth CATCHLOVE, servant age 15, living with brother William.

BMD Death Index: St Olave 1889.  Ruth CATCHLOVE
age 23.
died 6 April 1889
BMD Birth Index:  Portsea 1842.

1861 Census - St Giles, Camberwell:  Anna Maria CATCHLOVE live-in servant.

BMD Marriage Index: Camberwell 1865.  Annie Maria CATCHLOVE & William John PROWSE
Annie Caroline PROWSE
b. 1867
b.2 May 1854 Moulton

died 14 May 1854
b.8 Nov 1851 Moulton

Not identified in any other records.
John Edward CATCHLOVE b.24 March 1844 Towcester

BMD Marriage Index:  Hunslet 1875.
John Edward CATCHLOVE & Mary Anne SHARPE.

1881 Census - 5 Craven Street, Hunslet, Yorkshire:  John CATCHLOVE, police constable, wife Mary and children: Lilly, William and John.

1891 Census - 21 Gross Mockton Street, Hunslet: John CATCHLOVE, police constable, wife Mary Ann and children: Lily, William, John and Percy.

BMD Death Index:Hunslet 1894. John CATCHLOVE age 47.

1901 Census - 21 Cross Monckton Street, Hunslet:   widow Mary Ann and three sons: William Henry, Percy and Jack (John).

Mary Anne CATCHLOVE died 1894 Hunslet
William CATCHLOVE b.9 March 1856

1871 Census - 5 Ernest Street, Pancras, London:  William CATCHLOVE, barman working for an aunt and uncle on his mother's side, James & Ruth DALLY.

BMD Marriage Index Pancras 1877. William CATCHLOVE & Louisa Tryphena BRISTOW.

1881 Census - 19 Roberts Street, Regents Park, Pancras, London:  William CATCHLOVE, beer retailer, wife Tryphena and son William.

Brompton Cemetery, Kensington & Chelsea: Burial 07 Nov 1881 William CATCHLOVE

 William CATCHLOVE d.29 Oct 1881 - estate to widow Tryphena CATCHLOVE

BMD Death Index: Chelsea  1884. Tryphena CATCHLOVE age 31.

Brompton Cemetery, Kensington & Chelsea: Burial 09 MAy 1884 Tryphena CATCHLOVE

Tryphena CATCHLOVE of the “College Arms” beer house, College-street, Chelsea  d. 6 May 1884 - estate of £10 to Thomas Whitaker of the Camden Brewery (creditor)
Here we have the sad case of William & his wife Tryphena, who appears to have died destitute - explaining why their son William John ended up in a boys’ home.  This at least gives us a date of death for William, whose death I had previously been unable to locate in the usual sources.

BMD Birth Index: Hunslet 1876.  Lilly CATCHLOVE.

1891 Census - 21 Gross Mockton Street, Hunslet: tailoress, living with parents.

BMD Marriage Index: Hunslet 1901.  Lily CATCHLOVE.

BMD Birth Index: Hunslet 1885.  Percy CATCHLOVE.

1901 Census - 21 Cross Monckton Street, Hunslet: boiler maker , living with widowed mother.

d.1945 Leeds

BMD Birth Index: Hunslet 1887.  Edward CATCHLOVE.

BMD Death Index: Hunslet 1888.  Edward CATCHLOVE
age 1.
b. 1882 Hunslet
d. 1883
b. 1883 Hunslet
d. 1883
b. 1883 Hunslet
d. 1883
William Henry CATCHLOVE b.1878 Hunslet

1891 Census - 21 Gross Mockton Street, Hunslet: ?Boy on the Railway, living with parents.

1901 Census - 21 Cross Monckton Street, Hunslet: William Henry CATCHLOVE, bolt turner, living with widowed mother.

BMD Marriage Index Hunslet 1901.  William Henry CATCHLOVE & Mary COUPLAND

BMD Death Index Hunslet 1929.  William H. CATCHLOVE

BMD Birth Index: Hunslet 1880.  John CATCHLOVE.

1901 Census - 21 Cross Monckton Street, Hunslet: living with widowed mother

1911 Census - Leeds: John, railway foreman, with wife  Alice Maud and daughter Mabel.

d. 1958 Nottingham
b. 1918 Leeds
d. 1984 Leeds
b.1902 Leeds

BMD Birth Index Hunslet 1916.  George CATCHLOVE

BMD Marriage Index Leeds 1939. George CATCHLOVE & Mary APSEY
Peter CATCHLOVE. b. 1944
b. 1904 Leeds
d. 1978 Leeds
b.1907 Leeds
d. 1938 Leeds
b.1909 Leeds
d. 1923 Bramley
living descendants
b. 1908 Leeds
d. 1988
b. 1911 Leeds
d. 1997 Nottingham
living descendants
b. 1882 Peterfield, Northants.
Catherine Louisa CATCHLOVE b. 1885 Holcot
Henry John CATCHLOVE b. 1895 Brixworth
d. 1967 Chard

1911 Census - Western Terrace, Northampton:  John CATCHLOVE age 15, houseboy, living with mother Sarah Ann.

1921 Northampton marr. of Henry John CATCHLOVE & Winifred Rosanna Mary HUMPHREY
Ellen Gertrude (Nellie) CATCHLOVE
b. 1887
William Whitaker CATCHLOVE
b. 1909 St Pancras, London
Lillian Violet CATCHLOVE
b. 1907 Chelsea, London
BMD Birth Index:  Pancras 1876. William John CATCHLOVE.

1891 Census - The Boys Home,  Pancras:  William CATCHLOVE, inmate and tailor.

1901 Census - Hyde Park Barracks,London:  William CATCHLOVE, bandsman.

St John Fitzroy Square in the County of London 1903.  Marriage of William John CATCHLOVE, age 27, bachelor, musician to Alice Priscilla Charlott WALLACE, age 28.

1911 Census - Combermere Barracks, Windsor: William John Musician.

British Army WWI Pension Records 1914-1920 William J Catchlove, Royal Horse Guards, discharged 15/02/1915. 1891 Long Service record:  William John Catchlove, Royal Horse Guards, born Pancras, Middlesex approx.1877, age at enlistment 14yrs.

1930 London, England, Electoral Registers, 1847-1965:  Alice Priscilla CATCHLOVE, Hammersmith

Not identified in any other records.
BMD Birth Index Pancras 1877: Henry Herbert CATCHLOVE.

BMD Death Index Chelsea 1879: Henry Herbert CATCHLOVE age 2
BMD Birth Index Chelsea 1878: George CATCHLOVE.

BMD Death Index Chelsea 1878: George CATCHLOVE age 0
BMD Birth Index Pancras 1879: Emma Lilia CATCHLOVE.

BMD Death Index Chelsea 1880: Emma Lilia CATCHLOVE age 0
These Wills & Probate entries show the origins of the Hertfordshire Catchloves - they appear to have moved from Northamptonshire, so of course are ultimately descended from the Sussex Catchloves.