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Edmund the Wheelwright & William the Chairmaker  

I have combined these two families because while trying to find out what happened to William’s elder brother Edmund, I realised he was Edmund the Wheelwright from what I had previously seen as a separate family, based on census records alone.  As I have found no record yet of any descendants for Edmund the Wheelwright  I have left him where he belongs, as part of the family of Edmund & Ann.  More recently, I realised that Francis bap.1750 was the progenitor of Family 2 (Edmund the Woodman).
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Matthew CATCHLOVE born c. 1723 (where?)

1747 marriage of Matthew CATCHLOVE & Ann SIMMS at St Peter the Great, Chichester

Westbourne 1813 burial of Matthew CATCHLOVE age 90.
Matthew CATCHLOVE bap. 1773 at Westbourne.

Not identified in any other records.
Sarah CATCHLOVE bap. 1776 at Westbourne.

Westbourne 1797. Marriage of  Benjamin PHILLIPS & Sarah CATCHLOVE.
Hannah CATCHLOVE bap. 1780 at Westbourne.

Westbourne 1798. Marriage of  Thomas PRIOR & Hannah CATCHLOVE.
Mary Anne CATCHLOVE bap. 1782 at Westbourne.

Not identified in any other records.
William CATCHLOVE bap. 1784 at Westbourne.

Not identified in any other records.
Martha CATCHLOVE bap. 1786 at Westbourne.

Not identified in any other records.
Matthew CATCHLOVE bap. 1789 at Westbourne.

Westbourne 1800 burial of Matthew CATCHLOVE
Edmund CATCHLOVE, son of Matthew & Ann bap.1769 at Westbourne.

Duties Paid for Apprentices' Indentures: 1787 Edmund CATCHLOVE apprenticed to Jas. Sanders of Westbourne, chair-maker.

1792 marriage of Edmund CATCHLOVE
& Ann SPRIGGS at Westbourne

Westbourne 1836 burial of Edmund CATCHLOVE aged 67.

1841 Census: Monk's Farm, Westbourne:  Ann CATCHLOVE aged 66 and son Edmund.

Westbourne 1847 burial of Ann CATCHLOVE, aged 71.
Matthew CATCHLOVE bap.1748 at Westbourne.

Westbourne 1772 marriage of Matthew CATCHLOVE & Ann DRIDGE.
Sarah CATCHLOVE bap.1757 at Westbourne.

Westbourne 1777 marriage to James EMARY.
William CATCHLOVE bap.1758 at Westbourne.

Not identified in any other records.
Susannah CATCHLOVE bap.1762 at Westbourne.  

Westbourne 1791 marriage to William COASTER.
Barbary CATCHLOVE bap.1766 at Westbourne.  

Westbourne 1766 burial of Barbary CATCHLOVE.
Francis CATCHLOVE bap.1750 at Westbourne.
See Family 2
Edmund the Woodman
Sarah CATCHLOVE, bap. 1801 at Westbourne, dau of Edmund & Ann.

BMD Death Index Westbourne 1856.  Sarah CATCHLOVE.
Ann CATCHLOVE, bap. 1798 at Westbourne, dau of Edmund & Ann.

Not identified in any other records.
Edmund CATCHLOVE, bap. 1793 at Westbourne, son of Edmund & Ann.

1841 Census - Monk's Farm, Westbourne:  Ann CATCHLOVE aged 66 and Edmund CATCHLOVE aged 40 - wheelwright.

St Peter the Great, Chichester: 5th July 1841 marriage of Edmund CATCHLOVE (wheelwright) from Broyle & Mary PERHAM from Broyle.

1851 Census - Pyle Napp, Blendworth, Hants:  Edmund CATCHLOVE, Dairyman (aged c.56, born in Westbourne) & wife Mary.

1861 Census - Havant, Hants:  Edmund CATCHLOVE - now working as a wheelwright - wife Mary.

BMD Death Index:  Havant 1863 Mary CATCHLOVE.

BMD Death Index: Westbourne 1864 Edmund CATCHLOVE.
Edmund the Wheelwright
William the Chairmaker
Edmund CATCHLOVE, bap.1829 at Westbourne, son of William CATCHLOVE, turner & wife Ann.

1851 Census - Westbourne: Edward CATCHLOVE< chairmaker, living with parents.

1861 Census - Priory Street, St Peter the Less, Chichester: Edmund is living in lodgings and has no occupation listed.

Westbourne: 18 June 1866 marriage of Edmund CATCHLOVE, turner, son of William CATCHLOVE, chair-maker to Caroline DRIDGE, dau of William DRIDGE,farmer.

1871 Census - Westbourne:  Edmund CATCHLOVE (b. Westbourne, approx. 1824), dairyman occupying 22 acres - wife Caroline.

Westbourne: 1889 burial of Caroline CATCHLOVE aged 68.

1891 Census - Common Road, Westbourne: Edmund CATCHLOVE, chairmaker, living alone.

not found in 1901 census

22 Jan 1907 Edmund CATCHLOVE, former chair maker,of Portsmouth Workhouse died of senile decay.  Informant was Louisa Birdman, niece.
Ann CATCHLOVE, bap.1832 at Westbourne, dau of William CATCHLOVE, chairmaker & wife Ann.

 Westbourne 1833 burial of Ann, d. of William & Ann CATCHLOVE.  chair-maker.
Mary Jane CATCHLOVE, b. 1834.

BMD Marriage Index:  Westbourne 1852.  William SQUIRES & Mary Jane CATCHLOVE.

11 June 1857 Portsea marriage Mary Jane CATCHLOVE & John McBREARTY
Emma Lemmon CATCHLOVE, bap.1841 at Westbourne, dau of William CATCHLOVE, chairmaker & wife Ann.

Not identified in any other records.
The Fittleworth parish registers 
show the burial of a William LEMMON parishioner of Compton in 1742 and his wife Jane in 1736.  Was Emma Lemmon CATCHLOVE named after maternal ancestors?  It was once common to take a maternal surname as
a middle name.
Doris tells us that the
sailors of the Royal Yacht
were found to have smallpox at that time and as her great grandmother and her husband kept a pub, she most
likely caught smallpox from them.
Her death certificate clearly states that she had previously been vaccinated.
Louisa Sophia FURNELL
b. 14 Dec. 1861 dau. of Kate Rebecca CATCHLOVE & William FURNELL

1883 marr. Louisa Sophia FURNELL & Henry DUDMAN
living descendants
As a ship-wright,
William was most likely working
at Bucklers Hard in the
New Forest at the time of his death.  Bucklers Hard is close to the Fawley area where his daughter lived
with his mother-in-law.