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There are many parishes in West Sussex, so I needed a systematic approach, but where to begin?  Well, I knew my own Catchloves were based in Compton before moving into Hampshire so thought the logical place to start would be Compton and its neighbouring parishes along the Hampshire border and then spread out from there, following a very useful map provided by the West Sussex County Record Office in Chichester.

I will still be following that basic plan, but a broad search of the census for any Catchloves anywhere has thrown up a batch of other places to search, such as Chichester (which has several parishes), Littlehampton and the parish of South Bersted in Bognor.

So far, I have checked the transcripts of 111 parish registers out of 204 parishes in Sussex held at the West Sussex County Record Office - half-way there!  I felt it important to list also those parishes where no record of a Catchlove (or possible variant of the name) was found, in order to avoid duplicating effort at a later date.
marriages, baptisms and burials
Burton Cum Coates
Chichester, Bishops Palace & Close
Chichester, St Bartholomew
Chichester, St Olave
Crawley Down
East Dean
East Lavant
East Marden
East Wittering
Ford St Andrew
Kingston By Sea
Mid Lavant
North Marden
North Mundham
South Stoke
Treyford Cum Didling
Trotton & Milland
Up Marden
Upper Beeding
West Hampnett
Wiggonholt Cum Greatham
West Dean
West Grinstead
West Itchenor
West Stoke
West Tarring with Durrington & Heene
West Thorney
Chichester, All Saints
Chichester, St Paul
Chichester, St Peter the Great
Chichester, St Peter the Less
North Stoke
South Bersted
Bishop’s Transcripts are copies of the year’s entries in the parish register that was sent to the bishop each Easter from 1598 until the late 19th Century (see note i, below).  
They can prove a useful alternative source where parish registers are missing or limited in scope or for double-checking incomplete entries.
I have also run a general search for the Catchlove name through the Sussex Online Parish Clerks and found entries in:

Amberley - the marriage of Edward & Eleanor of Family 3.
St Pancras, Chichester - the 1794 marriage of George CATCHLOVE & Elizabeth NEWELL of Family 1.
St Andrew in Oxmarket, Chichester - the baptism of Thomas & Sarh CATCHLOVE’s children, Charles, John & Charlotte of Family 1.

The OPCs are groups of dedicated volunteers who do valuable work in transcribing and uploading parish records for online searches but, not surprisingly, it is an overwhelmingly enormous task and they still have a long way to go, so the fact that only 3 entries were found is not significant in any way -  not finding a record does not mean that none exist.  But finding an entry tells us which parishes to start hunting in next time we go to the Record Office!
We find fascinating glimpses in the parish records of the
relationships that the Catchloves had with their neighbours.
As later parish records list witnesses, as well as principles, in a marriage, it is possible
to see that Catchloves turn up as witnesses to their friends’ weddings and the same group of friends turn up as witnesses to the Catchloves.
For example, the entries for Westbourne, Harting and Racton suggest that in the first half of the 19th century the Catchloves were close to the Langrish family - even marrying with it twice:
see the marriage of George LANGRISH and Elizabeth CATCHLOVE in 1814 and the marriage of Charlotte LANGRISH and Thomas CATCHLOVE in 1829.
Earlier, a certain Joseph Gillingham in Westbourne was active in witnessing several Catchlove marriages between 1772 and 1775.  Similarly, a John Wooldridge witnessed no less then four Catchlove marriages over a 30-year period between 1792 and 1822
– we can imagine them both being very close family friends.

The parish registers that I have examined so far show Catchloves in Sussex as early as 1571, with four families in Stoughton, five families in Racton, seven in Westbourne and three in Compton during the period between 1700 and the 1841 census.

Two of the Compton families appear to have been the progenitors of Thomas The Shoemaker’s family and Edmund the Woodman’s family.

I have yet to identify links between the other families and those known from the census, but the concentration of families within a small area initially suggested that the neighbouring parishes of Westbourne, Racton and Stoughton to be the original homelands of the Catchloves.  However, property records of a Cacchelove family in Winchester in the 13th century suggest otherwise
- see Who Do You Think They Are?
Listed below are all entries in Sussex parish registers that I have not yet been able to fit into any of the identified families.
I have attempted to synthesise the data from the parish registers index with that from the census returns to try to work out the different relationships and family groups, though some of this remains speculative.  To see how these families relate to each other, please go to My Catchlove Family Trees.
Chichester - parish of St Peter the Great
1801 - baptism of Martha, dau. of George & Elizabeth CATCHLOVE
1803 - marriage of William BROOKS & Charlotte CATCHLOVE - witnesses: G. PARCOTT, Hannah CATCHLOVE & Philip WRIGHT.
1815.  Elizabeth CATCHLOVE witnessed marriage of Medman & Mead.
1821 - marriage of Charles WARES & Hannah CATCHLOVE - witnesses: William LEGGATT & Elizabeth CROSS.
1824.  Edmund CATCHLOVE & Maria CATCHLOVE witnessed marriage of Witterton & Hackman.  
1837 - baptism of William, son of Edwin & Sally CATCHLOVE, carpenter from Orchard Street
Chichester - parish of All Saints, Chichester
1569 - marriage of William CATCHELOR & Elizabeth Brooker.
1595 - marriage of William CATCHELOR & Annys Clerke.
1824 - banns - Ann CATCHLOVE, condition single & Edmund EDWARDS, condition single.
1824 - marriage of Ann CATCHLOVE & Edmund EDWARDS - witnesses: Edmund CATCHLOVE, Mary Ann TODD, Henry PORTER.
Chichester - parish of St Martin
1664 - marriage of William CATCHELLOR from Hunston & Jane PINDALL from Hunston.
1724 - marriage of Henry EDWARDS from Lordington & Sarah KETCHELLER from Stoughton.
1846 - burial of James CATCHLOVE, age 5 from High Street.
Chichester - parish of St Paul
1813 - burial of Sarah CATCHLOVE, age 83 from Friary Street.
Chichester  - parish of St Peter the Less
1656 - marriage of Thomas PAY & Alice CACHALOWE, Alice.
1657 -  marriage of William WEAVER,& Mary KACKELOVE.
1664 - burial of Edward CATCHLOVE from Marsden.
1776 - baptism of Francis, son of Frances & Elizabeth KETCHLOVE
1778 - baptism of Francis, son of Frances & Elizabeth KETCHLOVE
1780 - baptism of Edward, son of Frances & Elizabeth KETCHLOVE
1787 - baptism of Edmund, son of Frances & Elizabeth CATCHLOVE
1807 - baptism of Edmund, son of Edmund & Mary CATCHLOVE
1814 - burial of Frances CATCHLOVE age 9th?
1816 - Thomas CATCHLOVE witnessed marriage of Harrington & Chalton.
1819 - burial of Eliza CATCHLOVE age 16.
1847 - Edmund CATCHLOVE witnessed marriage of Benford & Louch.
1805 - marriage of John CATCHLOVE, widower & Mary BATMAN, spinster.
1806 - baptism of Sarah, dau. of John & Mary CATCHLOVE
1808 - baptism of Mary, dau. of John & Mary CATCHLOVE
1829 - marriage of Edward CATCHLOVE & Mary DUKE.
1614 - marriage of John Chapman & Tymison KECHELER.
1698 - marriage of John HARRIS & Mary CATCHELLAR
Hunston Burials
1596 - burial of Ellen CATCHELOUR, a servant.
1601 - burial of Timothee CATCHELOUR, s. of John & Joan.
1701 - burial of KETCHELOUR, Mary, widow of Pagham.
1685 - burial of William KETCHELLER, son of William & Judith.
1590 - baptism of Elizabeth, dau. of Laurence CATCHELOVE
1596 - baptism of Avis, dau. of Willm & Annis CATCHELOUR
1600 - baptism of Elizabeth, dau. of Willm & Anne CATCHELOUR
1605 - baptism of Anne, dau. of Willm & Anne CATCHELOUR
1633 - baptism of Jane, dau. of Bryant KATCHE... (torn)
North Mundham
1596 - marriage of John ASHBERN & Judith CATCHLER
1608 - marriage of Robert BROWER & Anne CATCHLOE
1626 - marriage of Brian KECHELER & Susan BREWER
1654 - marriage of Briant KETCHELER & Margarett BURGESS
1654 - marriage of William KETCHELER & Elizabeth PARKER
1665 - burial of KICHELUR, wido [sic] from South Mundham
1668 - baptism of Alice, dau. of Thomas & Mary CATCHELLER
Unknown date - baptism of Susannah, dau. Of John & Elizabeth KETCHELLER
1713 - burial of John KECHELER, buried in woolen [sic]
“buried in woolen”  - This entry shows compliance with the Burial in Wool Acts of 1667 & 1678, which required that corpses should be wrapped only in wool and no other fabric, subject to a fine of £5 (a massice amount of money at that time); although it gradually fell into disuse it was not repealed until 1814 (see note 1, below).  This was an obvious effort on the part of the government to boost the wool trade, once the country’s greatest source of income (and tax).
Oving Marriages
1717 - marriage of William KETCHLOVE from Racton & Elizabeth LATERELL from Bersted.
North Stoke
1862 - Edward CATCHLOVE witnessed marriage of Isaac GENT, labourer & Sarah Elizabeth SEARLE.
1869 - Edward CATCHLOVE witnessed marriage of William MOULDING, shepherd & Emily SEARLE.
1719 - baptism of Susannah, dau. of William & Elizabeth KETCHLOVE
1734 - baptism of Matthew, son of not given  & not given  CATCHLOVE  (Family 1?)
1734 - baptism of Ann, dau. of Henry & Sarah CATCHLOVE
1765 - baptism of Nanny, dau. of Edmund & Nanny CATCHLOVE
1769 - baptism of George, son of Edward? & Elizabeth CATCHLOVE
1834 - marriage of John PRESCOTT [PESKETT] & Mary CATCHLOVE, widow - witnesses: George LANGRISH & Jane PESKETT.
1690 - marriage of Alice KETCHELOR.
1675 - burial of Mary CATCHLOVE, d. of William & Parle*?
1679 - baptism of William, son of William & Judith CATCHLOVE
1684 - burial of William CATCHLOVE from Walderton.
1721 - burial of not given CATCHLOVE, ? of Matthew.
1722 - burial of William? CATCHLOVE.
1723 - burial of Sarah CATCHLOVE, d. of The Widow.
1723.- baptism of Mary, d. of Matthew & Mary CATCHLOVE
1725 - burial of Matthew? CATCHLOVE  Senior.
1727 - burial of John CATCHLOVE.
1727 - baptism of Edmund, son of Matthew & Mary CATCHLOVE
1730 - baptism of Francis, son of Matthew & Mary CATCHLOVE
1731 - burial of Matthew CATCHLOVE.
1737 - burial of Francis CATCHLOVE, s. of Mary.
1737 - burial of Edward? CATCHLOVE, s. of Edmund.
1744 - burial of Mary CATCHLOVE, Widow.
1746 - burial of Mary CATCHLOVE.
1763 - burial of Honour CATCHLOVE.
1787 - baptism of Edmund, son of Edmund & Elizabeth CATCHLOVE
1793 - burial of Edmund CATCHLOVE.
1802 - burial of Mary CATCHLOVE age 19.
1802 - baptism of Elizabeth, dau. of not given & Mary CATCHLOVE
1809 - burial of Edward CATCHLOVE age 83.
1819 - burial of Elizabeth CATCHLOVE age 80.
1825 - burial of John CATCHLOVE age 49.
1836 - burial of Mary CATCHLOVE age 52.
1853 - burial of Ruth CATCHLOVE age 71 from Chichester.
St Mary, Stoughton
SOURCE: Parish Register Transcription Society Arun Series Vol. 25
Baptisms 1671-1878, Marriages 1675-1901, Burials 1671-1878

The inclusion of Bishops Transcripts in the Challen & Burdett document has revealed probable Catchloves living in Stoughton almost a hundred years earlier than I had thought.  As expected, the variant spellings generally date to the earlier entries and in one or two instances had been corrected in the Bishops Transcripts (in the same year as the entry) to the more familiar CATCHLOVE.
St Mary, Stoughton
SOURCE: Stoughton Parish Registers 1571-1840
Transcribed by W.H. Challen (1946) & Mrs R Burdett, typed & indexed by Mrs M Short.
Comprising Bishops Transcripts 1571-1672 & Parish Registers 1671-1840
1571/72 - burial of Edward CATCHLOVE
1584 - baptism of Felice, d. of Thomas CATHLOVE
1585 - burial of Wyllm CATCHLOVE
1585 - burial of Wyllm, s. of Wyllm CATCHLOVE
1587 - baptism of John, s. of Robert CATCHLOVE
1588 - baptism of Edward, s. of Thomas CATHLOVE
1589 - marriage of Edward CATCHLOVE & Annis SCARVELL
1591/92 - baptism of Thomas, s. of Edward CATHLOVE
1606 - baptism of Thomas, s. of John CATCHLOVE
1610 - baptism of Jasper, s. of John CACHLOVE
1610 - marriage of Thomas CATCHLOVE & Annis LOUELOCK
1613 - baptism of Eaden, d. of John CACHLOVE
1615 - baptism of Philice, d. of John CACHLOVE
1618 - baptism of Robert, s. of Thomas CATCHLOVE
1618 - baptism of Anis, d. of Thomas CATCHLOVE
1618/19 - burial of Anis CATCHLOVE
1625 - baptism of Joane, d. of Edward CATCHLOVE
1637 - marriage of Martin HASELER & Elinour CATCHLOVE
1634 - burial of Jasper , s. of John & Mary CATCHLOUE of Stoughton, carpenter
1639 - marriage of Henry SUTER & Mary CATCHLOUE
1640 - burial of John CATCHLOUE
1664/65 - baptism of Mary, d. of William CATCHLOVE
1670 - burial of Thomas CATCHLOVE
1671? - burial of CATCHLOVE widow
1675 - burial of Mary, d. of William & Parles CATCHLOVE
1679 - baptism of William, s. of William & Mary CATCHLOVE
1680 - burial of William CATCHLOVE
1687 - burial of KETCHELOW, widow. Affidavit made before Mr Doyly.
1693 - baptism of Edmund, s. of Matthew KETCHLEON
1699/70 - burial of Edward  CATCHLOVE - indexed but no record
1721 - burial of —––, wife of Matthew CATCHLOVE
1723 - burial of Dinah, d. of widow CATCHLOVE
1723 - baptism of Mary, d. of Matthew & Mary CATCHLOVE
1724 - baptism of Matthew, s. of Matthew & Mary CATCHLOVE
1724/25 - burial of Matthew CATCHLOVE, Senior
1727 - burial of John CATCHLOVE
1727 - baptism of Edmund, s. of Matthew & Mary CATCHLOVE
1730 - baptism of Francis, s. of Matthew & Mary CATCHLOVE
1730/31 - burial of Matthew CATCHLOVE
1736/37 - burial of Frances, s. of Mary CATCHLOVE
1737 - burial of Edward, s. of Edward CATCHLOVE
1744 - burial of Mary CATCHLOVE, widow
1746 - burial of Mary CATCHLOVE
1763 - burial of Honour CATCHLOVE
1787 - baptism of Edmund, s. of Matthew & Mary CATCHLOVE
1787 - baptism of Edmund, s. of Edmund & Elizabeth CATCHLOVE
1789 - baptism of Hannah CATCHLOVE, illegitimate dau. of Martha WHEELER
1793 - burial of Edmund CATCHLOVE
1802 - baptism of Elizabeth, d. of Mary CATCHLOVE
1809 - burial of Edward CATCHLOVE aet 83
1811 - baptism of Ruth, d. of John & Mary CATCHLOVE
1817 - baptism of John, s. of John & Mary CATCHLOVE of Stoughton, carpenter
1819 - burial of Elizabeth CATCHLOVE of Stoughton, 49
1824 - baptism of Jane, d. of John & Mary CATCHLOVE of Stoughton, carpenter

1774 - baptism of Sarah, d. of Edward & Elizabeth KETHLOVE (CATCHLOVE In Bishops Transcripts)
1776 - John, s. of Edward & Mary KETHLOVE (Family 5)
1780 - Hannah, d. of Edward & Mary KETHLOVE (Family 5)
1783 - Mary, d. of Edward & Mary KETHLOVE (Family 5)
1775 - burial of Edward KETCHLOVE
1798 - burial of Ann KETCHLOVE
1700 - baptism of Sarah, dau. of Nathaniel & Sarah CATCHLOVE
1722 - marriage of Matthew CATCHLOVE & Mary  BENSON.
1756 - burial of Hannah CATCHLOVE, dau.of Matthew.
1768 - marriage of Edward MOOREY & Mary CATCHLOVE - witnesses: Joseph GILLINGHAM & William NORTHEST.
1773 - baptism of Thomas, son of Matthew & Mary CATCHLOVE
1774 - burial of Mary CATCHLOVE, w. of Matthew.
1775 - burial of Mary CATCHLOVE, w. of Matthew.
1775 - marriage of Thomas PUDICK & Ann CATCHLOVE - witnesses: James STARES & Joseph GILLINGHAM.
1777 - marriage of James EMARY & Sarah CATCHLOVE- witnesses: Thomas PARKER & Elizabeth PARKER.
1791 - marriage of William COASTER & Susannah CATCHLOVE - witnesses: James PITNEY & Mary SILVERLOCK.
1792 - baptism of John, son of John & Elizabeth CATCHLOVE
1793 - burial of John CATCHLOVE.,son of John & Ann.
1795 - burial of Mary CATCHLOVE, dau of Matthew.
1797 - marriage of Benjamin PHILLIPS & Sarah CATCHLOVE - witnesses:  James BRIDLE & John WOOLDRIDGE.
1798 - marriage of Thomas  PRIOR & Hannah CATCHLOVE - witnesses: Arthur WHITE,& John WOOLDRIDGE.
1800 - burial of Matthew CATCHLOVE.
1802 - burial of John Ward CATCHLOVE, son of John & Elizabeth.
1805 - burial of George CATCHLOVE, son of John & Elizabeth.
1809 - baptism of Hannah, dau. of not given & Martha CATCHLOVE
1814 - marriage of Elizabeth CATCHLOVE witnessed marriage of Barton & Simmonds.
1820 - burial of Benjamin CATCHLOVE, age 25.
1821 - marriage of George LANGRISH & Elizabeth CATCHLOVE - witnesses: Elizabeth CATCHLOVE & William CATCHLOVE.
1822 - marriage of Richard WOODS & Sarah CATCHLOVE - witnesses: Edmund CATCHLOVE& John WOOLDRIDGE.
1827 - burial of Anne CATCHLOVE, age 79 from Leigh, Hants.  [Leigh is now a suburb of Havant].
1829 - burial of William CATCHLOVE, age 70.
1833 - burial of Elizabeth CATCHLOVE, age 70.
1833 -Mary CATCHLOVE witnessed marriage of George LANGRISH & Sarah EGERTON, both widowed.  
1847 - burial of Anne CATCHLOVE, age 71.
1857 - burial of William CATCHLOVE, age 53
Jean A. Cole & Michael Armstrong 1988.  Tracing Your Family Tree.  Wellingborough: Thorsons.