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This page relates to a single family descended from two Catchloves who emigrated to Australia from Britain and settled in the Adelaide region, Edward CATCHLOVE b.1779, who sailed on the Tam O’Shanter in 1836 and his son Henry CATCHLOVE b.1806, who sailed on the Hooghly in 1839.  The bulk of the information on this page has been researched by Graham R. CATCHLOVE, a descendant of Edward and Henry.  Additions in olive green were researched by Diane, a descendent of Edward Charles Lockyer CATCHLOVE.  If anyone wishes to contact Graham or Diane, please email me using the link below and I will pass a message on.  Additions in pink are speculative.     Many thanks for allowing me to publish your research, Graham & Diane.

St Pancras, Chichester. 1794.  marr. to Elizabeth NEWELL

St Peter the Great, Chichester, 1801.  Baptism of Martha CATCHLOVE, dau. of George & Elizabeth.
b. 1779 Middlesex, England

marriage to Harriet (1787-1836)

20th July 1836 sailed from London aboard the Tam O’Shanter.
Harriet died on board.
26th Nov.1836 arrived at Port Adelaide, Australia.

Edward CATCHLOVE died May 1846
text/links in yellow were researched by Gerry STEVENS
First-Class Career Batting and Fielding (1931/32-1933/34)
South Australia
Edward Napoleon Buonaparte CATCHLOVE (1842-1920), son of Henry CATCHLOVE & Emma FILMER.  Edward was a police trooper; more information can be found on the Flinders Ranges Research web site.   photographs provided by Glenys Aird
Eliza Jane ROBERTS (1861-1942),
who married Edward Napoleon Buonaparte CATCHLOVE when she was 16 years old.
photograph provided by Glenys Aird
Emma & John’s daughter Peggy HUNT (1927-2006), granddaughter of Edward Napoleon Buonaparte CATCHLOVE.
photograph provided by Glenys Aird
William WILLIAMS b.1836
Jane WILLIAMS b.1840
Mary WILLIAMS b. 1841
Richardson Hoey WILLIAMS
Frederick WILLIAMS b.1850
Mary Laura WILLIAMS b.1845
Edward Catchlove LOCKYER
b. 1902
Maria Theresa FORBES
b. 1851
d. 1852
Charles FORBES
b. 1855

no further information
Percy Forbes CHANDLER
b. 1887
d. 1955
Stanley Heywood CHANDLER
b. 1887
d. 1925
Charles Gordon CHANDLER
b. 1891
d. 1891
b. 1893

d. 1970
Henry Catchlove LOCKYER b. 1865

1901 marr. to Edith Blanche OPIE

d. 1944
Charles Catchlove LOCKYER
b. 1868
d. 1871
Harriet Rebecca LOCKYER b. 1871

1901 marr. to William RICHARDSON

d. 1932
William George LOCKYER b. 1875

1905 marr. to Alice FURSE

d. 1952
George Howard LOCKYER b. 1877

1902 marr. to Mary HARRY

d. 1940
b. 1881
d. 1882
Margaret Lockyer RICHARDSON
b. 1906
Edward Lockyer RICHARDSON 
b. 1908
d. 1976
b. 1911
d. 1977
Gwendoline Mary LOCKYER
b. 1903
d. 1991
Howard Griffith LOCKYER
b. 1909
d. 1990?
Henry Edward CATCHLOVE b. 1879

died 1885
Charles Henry CATCHLOVE b. 1881

died in infancy
Ernest William CATCHLOVE b.1883

died 1950
Emily Ediva CATCHLOVE b. 1887

died 1889
Francis Gordon CATCHLOVE b. 1891

died 1964
Lionel CATCHLOVE b. 1896

died 1976
Cecil Horace CATCHLOVE b. 1899

died 1972
Elsie Maud CATCHLOVE b. 1901

marr. to Edward M. COX

died 1981
Roy Oswald CATCHLOVE b. 1903

died 1903
child of Henry CATCHLOVE & Ann
Boyce Winton CATCHLOVE b. 1921
Florence Edith CATCHLOVE
b. 1876

died 1932
Albert Henry CATCHLOVE b.1864

marr. to Eva Rebecca McCULLOCH

marr. to Caroline HALL (1885-1958)

died 1932
1 child by MALYKA
5 children by Wolford EWENS
On this page you will find a family tree with a gallery of photographs below.

If you would like photos of your own Catchlove ancestors to be published on this website
(not living family members for reasons of privacy) please email them to
enquiries@catchlove-research.org with a clear indication of where they fit in the trees.

Alternatively, if you have a photo of a Catchlove ancestor and you don’t know who it is, I’d be happy to publish it in the hope that someone else will recognise them.
If anyone has any further information which may help confirm which families in Britain Edward CATCHLOVE and his son Henry CATCHLOVE belonged to, we would be very grateful if you would contact us at
Francis CATCHLOVE b.1750.

Compton 1775 marriage of Francis CATCHLOVE & Elizabeth SHEPHERD.

Compton 1817 burial of Francis CATCHLOVE age 67.

Compton 1834 burial of Elizabeth CATCHLOVE age 82.
Diane, a descendant of
Edward Catchlove LOCKYER, and
Glenys, a descendant of Edward Napoleon
Buonaparte CATCHLOVE, have both speculated that Edward CATCHLOVE is the brother of George, who married in Chichester in 1794, and is Edward, son of Francis CATCHLOVE from Family 2 in My Catchlove Family Trees.
The dates fit, but why do Australian sources say he was born in Middlesex?  Did he move to London and remarry?
What happened to his first wife Sarah ?
Does anyone have any further information?
text / links in aqua are special points to consider
text / links in fuschia pink are speculative
text / links in olive green were researched by Diane O’BRIEN IRONS
text / links in black were researched by Graham CATCHLOVE

These photographs of the Adelaide Catchloves and their memorials were kindly provided by five of their many descendants: Glenys AIRD, Diane O’BRIEN and Jeff, Graham  & Roger CATCHLOVE.

Diane tells us that a picture of the Tam O’Shanter and a record of its landing can be seen on the History South Australia website, which also gives a succinct account of the early colonisation of South Australia and conditions of travel.

Thank you, everyone.
The headstone of Henry CATCHLOVE (1806-1867) and two of his sons, Charles and William Harold, at West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide.
photographs by Jeff CATCHLOVE
Henry CATCHLOVE (1806-1867), who sailed to Victoria on the Hooghly in 1839 with his 8 year old son George Henry CATCHLOVE after the death of his wife Ann in St Marylebone in 1833.
Henry’s  parents Edward & Harriet, their other son Charles and daughters Jane and Maria had sailed on the Tam O’Shanter three years previously in 1836.  Sadly, Harriet died on the voyage and Maria changed her name to Harriet in honour of her mother.
Henry, with a small child to care for, remarried when he arrived in Australia; he and his new wife Emma FILMER had twelve children.
photograph provided by Glenys Aird
Blue plaques commemorating the building of George Henry CATCHLOVE’s mansions on Strangways Terrace.  George Henry (1831-1892) was the son of Henry CATCHLOVE and his first wife Ann, who died in England.
photographs by Jeff CATCHLOVE
Family grave of George Henry CATCHLOVE (1831-1892) and his wife Amelia SAYERS, their adopted daughter M .W. BLEECHMORE and Amelia’s mother Elizabeth SAYERS at West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide.
photographs by Jeff CATCHLOVE
Eddie HANN tells us that Walter Evered CATCHLOVE was born on 24 Feb 1907 in North Adelaide and died on 12 April 1997 in Glen Osmond, Adelaide.   Eddie writes, “Walter Evered was Wally Catchlove who batted a few times for South Australia in 1931/32 and 1933/34 seasons and made 65 not out against the infamous 'body-line' MCC team on 8 Nov 1932. This included 'legends' of their day, Herbert Sutcliffe, Wally Hammond, Douglas Jardine, Harold Larwood, Les Ames, the Nawab of Pataudi and ironically Maurice Leyland.”  

Lucinda CATCHLOVE has discovered a newspaper article referring to the announcement of Walter Evered CATCHLOVE’s engagement to Miss Dorothy BERENICE, which states that he is the son of Mr G.G. CATCHLOVE of Glenelg.  But the information provided by Diane O’BRIEN IRONS, which allowed us to locate Wally in the tree,  indicates that this is clearly a misprint and should read Mr G.E. CATCHLOVE.
Henry CATCHLOVE’s sons c.1885
photograph provided by Graham Catchlove
On her Rootsweb page, Diane Cummings lists Hooghly passengers  in which she states that  Henry CATCHLOVE’s wife Emma FILMER also sailed on the Hooghly with other Filmer passengers likely to have been her family.  As a widower with a young child to care for it made sense for Henry to marry one of his fellow passengers shortly after arriving.
The Stanley Family website has a page detailing their Catchlove branch, which appears to begin with Henry CATCHLOVE who sailed on the Hooghly.  This website states that Henry’s son George was baptised in Chelsea in 1839 just prior to sailing for Australia.  This is one of the baptisms recorded on our London & Middlesex Catchloves page for which we have no definite connection.  The Stanley Family website does not provide evidence that this is the same George, although it is likely that it is.
Webshots members’ photos include one posted by a Tuckwelldc of Edward CATCHLOVE’s grave.  Tuckwelldc also posted a photo of Henry CATCHLOVE’s grave.  He is buried with his brother Charles and son William Harold.
Passenger Ships arriving in South Australia details information about the arrival of the Tam O’Shanter, including a passenger list.
The City of Adelaide, A Thematic History, published by Adelaide City Council, includes a reference to Edward CATCHLOVE & Sons, builders, moving premises in 1838.  The reference can be found on page 64.
An article published in The Advertiser (Adelaide) in 1910 refers to the presentation to public library of a set of photographs showing old colonists, the list of those named includes CATCHLOVE, G.H. who arrived on the Hooghly in June 1839.
The South Australian Register of 26 November 1863 carries an announcement of the death of Henry & Emma’s son Charles Henry of scarletina  at the age of five.
The South Australian Register of 27 July 1886 carried a retrospective article about the first pioneer ships that includes the Tam O’Shanter of 1836.  Interestingly, it names only three of the passengers, one of which is a “Mr. Catchlove”.  It is likely that this refers to Charles CATCHLOVE, who arrived on the Tam O’Shanter with his father Edward, as he has been credited with the foundation of the villages of Kensington and Norwood in Geoffrey H. Manning’s book  A Colonial Experience:
The South Australian Register of 12 March 1861 carried a list of publicans who had applied to have their licences renewed, one of whom was Henry CATCHLOVE of the Tavistock Hotel, Rundle Street (Adelaide).
The South Australian Register of 9 July 1861 published two letters to the editor concerning an insurance claim by a Mr. CATCHLOVE following a fire.
The Adelaide Register of 30 July 1864 reported the accidental death of Henry & Emma’s daughter Amelia Ada who was run down by a cart at the age of five.  At this time Henry was landlord of the Ship Inn.
The South Australian Register of 15 September 1868 lists the transfers of licences for publicans, which include Edward Catchlove LOCKYER, Henry HAUSSEN & George Henry CATCHLOVE (landlords of Somerset Hotel, Flinders Street, Adelaide) and for storekeepers, including H.H. HAUSSEN & G.H. CATCHLOVE.
Edward Napoleon Buonaparte CATCHLOVE (1842-1920) has been well-documented, perhaps partly due to his unusual name as much as for his exploits as a trooper.  Flinders Ranges Research has a web page about Edward N B CATCHLOVE and his close kin.
Maud CATCHLOVE b.1887, daughter of Francis Henry, died during a tooth extraction when a molar fell into her windpipe.  The coroner’s report appeared on page 4 and page 7 of the Adelaide Advertiser on 2nd August 1898 .
Beltana Police Station, where Edward Napoleon Buonaparte CATCHLOVE was stationed and lived with his family for 5 years in the 19th century.
photograph provided by Glenys Aird
The grave of Edward Napoleon Buonaparte CATCHLOVE and his wife Eliza Jane in Western Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide.
photograph by Jeff CATCHLOVE
Repair work on the grave of Edward Napoleon Buonaparte CATCHLOVE and his wife Eliza Jane in Western Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide.
photographs provided by Graham CATCHLOVE
This picture taken at Winneckes Depot (gold mining settlement east of Alice Springs 1903) shows Edward Hurtle CATCHLOVE, his brother Ernest William CATCHLOVE and their father, Mounted Constable Edward Napoleon Buonaparte CATCHLOVE at far right.  Far left is an indigenous "tracker" employed by the police force to assist in tracking miscreants.  Centre of picture is the temporary "lockup" complete with neck-irons.   ENBC noted that until he was provided with a proper closed lockup this was the only way to restrain those arrested (usually for drunkenness.)  Edward and Will rode their pushbikes (shown) for a large part of the distance between Adelaide and Alice Springs!
photograph & caption provided by Graham Catchlove
This is a picture of the lockup referred to in ENBC's diary of his time in Darwin in 1870.  This was built by him and the other troopers as part of their daily duties.
photograph & caption provided by Graham Catchlove
Emma Jane CATCHLOVE (1894-1947), daughter of Edward Napoleon Buonaparte CATCHLOVE and Eliza Jane ROBERTS.
photograph provided by Glenys Aird
John HUNT (1886-1952), husband of Emma Jane CATCHLOVE
photograph provided by Glenys Aird
The memorial plaque for Edward Hurtle CATCHLOVE (1885-1956) known as Ted,
son of Edward Napoleon Buonaparte CATCHLOVE.  
Edward was cremated at Centennial Park Cemetery, Panorama, SA.
photograph & caption provided by Jeff CATCHLOVE
Jeff tells us:  “As a matter of interest, the Edyvean family came from Cornwall in the 19th century to South Australia’s ‘Little Cornwall’ in the Kadina, Moonta and Wallaroo triangle about 150km (90 miles) north of Adelaide. They were part of a massive exodus of Cornish and Welsh miners to the colonies to work in newly found lodes of copper and other precious metals.”
The memorial plaque for Donald Edward CATCHLOVE (1916-1984) and his wife Lillian Elizabeth (1915-2004), who were both cremated at Centennial Park Cemetery, Panorama, SA.
Donald Edward was the son of Edward Hurtle CATCHLOVE and grandson of Edward Napoleon Buonoparte.  He was known as Ross, after his maternal uncle Roswald EDYVEAN, who was killed in France in WWI, a little over a week before Donald Edward was born.  
photograph & caption by Jeff CATCHLOVE
June 2013 some of the many descendants of Edward Napoleon Buonaparte CATCHLOVE at their reunion in Beltana, South Australia
photograph provided by Glenys Aird
Attached is a photo I recently obtained believed to be of Rosa CATCHLOVE, in Adelaide, married at that time to her second husband, Frederick Estcourt BUCKNALL (m. 1874).  Her first husband Henry Hermann HAUSSEN had died in 1870.  After the death of Frederick BUCKNALL in 1896, she married for a 3rd time to John Huxable Wesley PERRYMAN, and she died in 1899 in Mt. Magnet Western Australia.
photograph & caption provided by Ian MILLER
Frank Rees GEORGE II who was Ediva's son, and the gravestone at West Terrace Cemetery of Ediva's husband - Frank Rees George and two of their children(Harriet and Nellie) together with Frank's sister Madeline Rees George who was an influential educator.
photograph & caption provided by  Rob GEORGE
This photograph of the Unicorn Brewery in Burra, owned by Edward Charles Catchlove LOCKYER (b.1839), was sent to me by both Roger CATCHLOVE & Diane O’BRIEN, a descendant of Edward.   Edward was the son of Maria CATCHLOVE (1816-1882) and Thomas Arthur LOCKYER.  Maria sailed on the Tam O’Shanter as a young woman of twenty in 1836, with her parents Edward & Harriet.  Maria took her mother’s name of Harriet after her death on board.

Roger tells us that Burra was a copper mining community north of Adelaide; the mine has since been burned down, although the cellars still survive.  He thinks this photograph dates to the mid 1870s.  Edward is the tall gentleman standing a little apart on the left.
son of Maria (Harriet)
Charles CATCHLOVE b.1809 Middlesex, England

20th July 1836 sailed from London aboard the
Tam O’Shanter.
26th Nov.1836 arrived at Port Adelaide, Australia.

marr. 1854?

died March 1867
Jane CATCHLOVE b. 1815.

20th July 1836 sailed from London aboard the
Tam O’Shanter.
26th Nov.1836 arrived at Port Adelaide, Australia.

marr. to William WILLIAMS (1800-1854)
Henry CATCHLOVE b. 1806 Marylebone, England

marr. to Ann

Ann CATCHLOVE, age 24, buried
 1833, St Marylebone, Westminster.

19th Feb 1839 sailed from London aboard the Hooghly with son George Henry.
17th June 1839 arrived Port Adelaide, Australia.

1840 marr. to Emma FILMER at Trinity Church, Adelaide.
* see links below
died Oct. 1867
children of Henry CATCHLOVE & Emma FILMER
Maria (Harriet) CATCHLOVE b. 1816

20th July 1836 sailed from London aboard the Tam O’Shanter.
26th Nov.1836 arrived at Port Adelaide, Australia.

1843 marr. to Thomas Arthur LOCKYER

1850 marr. to Charles FORBES

died Adelaide Sept. 1882:  obituary in The Advertiser 1882 “On the 13th September at Adelaide, Mrs Harriet Forbes, aged 68 years.  An old and respected colonist of 46 years.”
Harriet FORBES
b. 1852

1885 marr. to Charles Walter CHANDLER

d. 1930
living descendants
Edward Charles Catchlove LOCKYER b. 1839

1863 marr. to
Margaret Jane KEARNS
(b. Ireland 1843)

d. 1900 Kooringa
male Catchlove LOCKYER
b. 1845
died in infancy
Harry Catchlove LOCKYER
b. 1904
Thomas Catchlove LOCKYER
b. 1907
Max Catchlove LOCKYER
b. 1909
living descendants
We are told that Maria changed her name to Harriet after her mother died.
Albert Harold CATCHLOVE b. 1889

1920 marr. to
Phyllis Grace Boronia Whibley

died 1979
Edward Hurtle CATCHLOVE (Ted) b. 1885

marr. to Winifred EDYVEAN

died 1958
Emma Jane CATCHLOVE b. 1894

marr. to E.J. HUNT

died 1947
living descendants
living descendants
Donald Edward CATCHLOVE b.1916 (Ross)
children of Albert & Eva
living descendants
children of Albert & Caroline
Colin Dorien CATCHLOVE
George Edward CATCHLOVE b.1870

1906 marr. to Florence Evered SYMES

died 1947
Emma Maud CATCHLOVE b. 1871

marr. to E.M. OLIFFE

died 1934
Mirrian Augusta CATCHLOVE b. 1872

died 1941
Alice Emily CATCHLOVE b. 1872

died 1875
Archibald Glendower CATCHLOVE
b. 1879

died 1953
Ida CATCHLOVE b. 1881

died ?
b. 1883

died 1901
b. 1884

died 1945
Ediva Leonora CATCHLOVE
b. 1885

died 1890
b. 1887

died 1898
* see link below
Walter Evered CATCHLOVE b.1907 Adelaide

d. 1997 Adelaide
see below!
Jane CATCHLOVE b.1850

marr. to Joseph BADGE (1843-1924)

died 1918
Ediva Leonara CATCHLOVE b.1850

marr. to Samuel KELLET

marr. to Frank Rees GEORGE 1838-1886

died 1920

marr. to TAYLOR

1873 marr. to Robert Henry FIVEASH (1846-1912)

died 1930

*see links below
Charles Henry CATCHLOVE b. 1851

died 1854

*see links below
Alfred Henry CATCHLOVE b. 1856

died 1858
Henry Charles CATCHLOVE b. 1858

died 1863
Amelia Ada Augusta CATCHLOVE b.1859

died 1863

*see links below
William Harold CATCHLOVE b.1886

died Dec. 1867
Francis Henry CATCHLOVE b.1845

marr. to Sarah Jane COX (1847-1909)

died July 1926
Edward Napoleon Buonaparte CATCHLOVE b.1842

1877 marr. to Eliza Jane ROBERTS

died June 1920

*see links below
M.W. BLEECHMORE b.1864, adopted daughter
8 children

marr. to MALYKA

marr. to Zacharia SAYERS

marr. to Wolford A. EWENS (1861-1895)

died 1924
Rob GEORGE tells us:
“Ediva CATCHLOVE married Frank Rees GEORGE who was
a prominent builder in South Australia and was the main engineer behind the construction of the bridge at Murray Bridge.  They had a number of children although several died young.  Frederick GEORGE was my grandfather and my father was Frank Rees GEORGE the third.  FRG the second was an explorer who died tragically in
Alice Springs where he is buried
and there is a street named after him.”
Leita Mary CATCHLOVE b. 1922

1944 marr. to Lindsay Burton Bowes

died 1998
living descendants
Rosa CATCHLOVE b. 1840

1858 marr. to Henry HAUSSEN

marr. to Frederick Estcourt BUCKNALL (1835-1896)

1897 marr. to John Huxtable Wesley PERYMAN

died 1899 of pneumonia
*see links
8 children by Henry HAUSSEN

5 children by Frederick BUCKNALL
see below!